How Computer Service Can Help Improve Your Cybersecurity (part 1)

If you are a computer owner, chances are, you’ve experienced having a virus or other security issue at some point or other. With the increasing rise of threats out there, there needs to be an equal rise of the security methods and protections to meet those threats. Whether you use your computer for home or business (or both), you’ll eventually run into a situation where you need computer service. It might not even be over a security-related issue, but just taking your computer in to get service can end up giving you some benefits in the security department as well. Here are some tips from our computer service store in Delta for how your service request for any issue can also help to beef up your security.

1. Your computer service professional may uncover a security issue you didn’t even know about.

When you bring your computer in for service, you may not even know that an underlying security breach is causing your computer to act unpredictably. One of the most common examples of this is when a user complains of the computer running very slowly. When we check it, we discover that malware is the cause of the problem. Once the malware gets cleared out, your computer is good to go again.

2. Your computer service technician can make sure that your antivirus software is up to date.

Many people purchase an antivirus product and then let it expire, trusting that the virus scan program will catch any malicious files. This is simply not true. If your virus subscription goes out of date, you are susceptible to all the new viruses that have just come out. For example, if your antivirus expired in 2016, you can still run virus scans in 2017, but you will be very unlikely to catch any viruses that were newly developed in 2017 and were previously unknown to your virus software.

3. Your computer service person can educate you about safe and secure internet browsing practices.

Most people nowadays are knowledgeable enough to know not to click on links or attachments from unknown sources in an email. However, new kinds of threats are coming out all the time, and many of these are extremely insidious in their disguises. One example is phishing scams. These scams used to be relatively easy to spot, but now they have become extremely sophisticated, and it’s important to know how to protect yourself. Your friendly neighborhood computer service shop can educate you about things you’d like to know and answer your questions.

There are even more ways that your computer service shop can help to protect your security, keep your data safe, and protect you when you go online. Watch for our next blog post, where we will explore part 2 of this article.

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