How Computer Service Can Help Improve Your Cybersecurity (part 2)

In our last blog post, we talked about some of the ways that your computer service technician can help you to improve your cyber security. Security is a growing online threat, and if you’re not knowledgeable about the threats that are out there, you won’t be as protected as you ought to be. In this blog post from our computer service firm in Delta, we’d like to cover a few more of the ways that getting computer service can go further than just resolving your immediate problem.

4. Your computer service technician can help you to ensure that you have proper data backup systems in place.

If you haven’t yet heard of ransomware, you will soon, and one of the only ways to protect yourself against this expensive threat is to ensure that you have adequate data backup procedures in place. This is especially important for businesses who could stand to lose valuable data, intellectual property, or trade secrets, but it is also true for individuals who consider their personal photos and documents to be priceless. Ransomware is a style of attack where a hacker enters your system, encrypts your files, and then sends you an ultimatum: Either pay up, or we will destroy your files. Usually, there is no option, even for big businesses who have large teams of IT professionals, but to pay the sum that is asked–and this can be an outrageous amount. The encryption is just too strong, and the bad guys are just too hard to track down. The only safety is in having your data fully backed up at all times, and our computer support guys can help you with this.

5. Your computer service shop can recommend to you the best software for your needs.

With a bewildering variety of antivirus and cyber security products out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and not know if you’re paying too much or getting adequate protection. Our computer service people are always up-to-date with the current best options on the market. We make it our business to know the in’s and out’s of computer security technology so that you don’t have to, and you can always trust us for our independent opinion that cuts through the gimmicks and marketing-speak.

6. Your computer service shop can keep you aligned with security best practices.

It’s important for you and your data to stay protected from cyber villains, and there are many tips and techniques for ways to be wary and “streetwise” online. For instance, if your business processes credit card payments, you must have a way of proving that you are not exposing your customers’ personally-identifiable information to unauthorized parties. Gone are the simple days when all we had to do was know not to put someone’s credit card info in an email. Staying secure will keep you and your customers safe (and keep you from inadvertently running afoul of the law).

Computer and network security is paramount in this day and age, but the computer professionals at Delta Geeks have your back. There’s no such thing as impossible at Delta Geeks, so contact us today!