Every hard drive will fail

It can happen at any time. What do you do when it fails?

Bring us your failed or failing (preferably) hard drive for data recovery

What is data recovery?

Hard disk drives store data on metal oxide platters spinning as fast as 10,000 revolutions a minute while an actuator arm reads and writes magnetic charges one millionth of an inch above the surface, and yes, solid-state hard drives fail, too.

Even though any contact can and does destroy data, a great deal of information can still be harvested from physically damaged media. Because the manufacturers of storage media like hard drives are constantly striving to compress more data onto smaller surfaces, a data recovery specialist must use a clean-room environment where the amount of dust and dirt in the air is controlled to maintain a minimum level. Just a speck of floating dust can cause more damage to the delicate magnetic media, reducing the amount that can be recovered. The disk is removed from the casing and is placed in a working case, and data that is recoverable is recovered.

Will a software program fix the problem?

There are many tools being sold online to help recover missing or deleted files from your failed machine. We highly recommend that you do not use these programs unless you know exactly what is wrong with your device and have the technical knowledge to use the program in question.

Otherwise, you risk making a once-recoverable hard drive unrecoverable. In particular, avoid running programs such as Scan-Disk. Your best option for hard disk data recovery is to send in your media for a comprehensive evaluation. This way, you will be taking the high risk and the guessing game out of the equation. Once you know exactly what is wrong with your media, you can then make a decision on what the best course of action is. For a more detailed explanation, please call us. We will happily assist you with any questions that you may have.

DO not wait as time is critical where hard drive failure is concerned.

Yes, we do data recovery from solid state drives, too.

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