In-Store Computer Service

Come on in! Bring in your computer or laptop to Delta Geeks for service. We’ll make things work for you. Call 604 943-8318.

Here’s what your benefits look like when you get service and repair for your computer or laptop at Delta Geeks.

A-Z  Sales, Service—every kind of Repair possible for Computers & Laptops, Mac or Windows maintenance, high-quality, custom-built systems—we do it all. Plus…

  1. We maintain full history & documentation of your services & hardware issues year after year.
  2. Talented technicians are very friendly.
  3. No contracts with hidden agendas.
  4. Open communication from beginning to end.
  5. No surprises. We do not proceed with your repair until you approve your diagnostic & quote.
  6. Fixed Fees.
  7. We offer great advice based on 12 years of experience which our customers have come to trust.
  8. That’s right, in 12 years in our community, we’ve earned our reputation with 55 years accumulated knowledge and experience in our think tank.
  9. We only use quality components (best integrity) when replacement is needed (products we would use for ourselves).
  10. We dust your hardware at no extra charge.
  11. We are a brick-and-mortar location. You can always find us: we aren’t going anywhere and we’re not fly-by-nighters.
  12. We are accountable.
  13. We love and appreciate you, our valued customer.

Mac or Windows, Towers or Notebooks—we service all!

 We’ll make things work for you!

Try our custom built computers: discover speed and productivity.

Knowledge & Skill – That’s how we do things!

  604 943-8318