It’s a minefield out there, allow us to source & hand pick a reliable laptop for your next purchase.

Our techs know what to look out for.

With laptops and other hardware we don’t load up on inventory as newer & better models are readily available daily. (literally)

Be assured that when we assess the specs & quality of components in the better laptops, we select the best for you according to your budget & needs. We have access to Boutique store laptops available only to boutique stores like ours.  The quality of these laptops are better than what you’ll typically find in the big box stores.

  Remember, when purchasing technology, knowledge is key.

  Have us set up your new laptop and do your data transfer for you.

We assure you that you’ll receive your laptop complete with in-store setup, updates, working anti-virus, full optimization, and no “bloatware.”

We do not sell “bottom-of-the-barrel specials.” We’ve built our fame on quality.

This means you’ll spend marginally more initially, but you’ll enjoy a faster, reliable machine that will last for years to come.

Want a cheap computer? Get the headaches they offer too,

The big box stores are waiting for you.

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