Remote Access Support – call us and we’ll make things work for you.

If your computer or network is down, call for one of our knowledgeable techs to access your system for a “remote fix.” Sometimes remote access will do the trick.

Remote Access Support means that we will connect to your computer remotely to troubleshoot what’s going on. Technical support experts are ready and waiting right here in Tsawwassen, so if it turns out that an expert needs to come to your home to take a look in person, you’ll get to deal with the same local company who already understands your issue. Why drive over to our office when one of our Geeks may be able to diagnose and fix your computer problem without you moving a single step?

Call in and book a time for a tech to access your computer for a remote repair. This can be very handy if you are in the middle of a project.

Call us and let’s discuss your problem and ascertain if this service is the ideal solution for the issues you are having.

Knowledge and Skills – That’s how we do things.

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