YES! Both Mac and Windows get viruses. Being pro-active is key.

So….What DO these hackers do for a living?

CImage result for hackersontrary to popular suspicions, people who create viruses don’t work for the companies that provide anti-virus software.

Deltageeks provides our customers with the most effective antivirus software or firewall solutions, and we help make sure your system or network is secure from these destructive and all-too-common threats.

In the event that a virus is successful in scrambling your system or network, Deltageeks is there to help you recover from and prevent future attacks.

For blocking viruses, being “pro-active” is key.

Deltageeks Virus Protection Services

  • Installation of the latest virus and spyware protection software
  • Virus detection and removal
  • Establishing “best practices” for avoiding exposure to viruses.

Know How to Protect Yourself

BitTorrent sites and other peer-to-peer file sharing are common modes of spreading infection. When attempting to download a legitimate program, use the link provided at the company’s website. Pirated software is a particularly popular source of malware. Download Firefox and use it instead of internet Explorer, there are many internet viruses that specifically target Internet Explorer. For MP3 music downloads, we recommend using iTunes.

  • Watch out for Microsoft scams, these are rampant today. If you get a Microsoft prompt saying you have a virus, immediately shut down your computer and call us; this is a very invasive virus. Ultimately, these imposters want to scam you of hundreds of dollars. $$$
  • And finally, get in the habit of regularly checking for software updates. New exploits are always being discovered in Windows, QuickTime, web browsers, and other common programs. A good software for managing this is Patch My PC. This can be downloaded at and is entirely free.
  • If you receive an unknown or unexpected attachment, don’t open it, no matter who it came from. Not only are some viruses capable of emailing themselves to everyone they find in an infected user’s address book, but inexperienced computer users are just as guilty of passing along payloads as hackers are of distributing them.
  • Be aware Mac users: we are seeing many Macs on our workshop benches riddled with Trojan Horse viruses and other viruses. G-Data is currently Deltageeks antivirus choice for Mac.

The antivirus we recommend is AVG, Kaspersky or G -DATA Antivirus software.
Norton uses a lot of data space so we never recommend it. The same goes for McAffee.

Knowledge & Skills!  That’s how we do it!

Professor David S. Wall, School of Criminal Justice Studies and Information Societies, University of Leeds, talks about the growing threat of Scareware.

What scare-ware looks like.


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