How did carve a niche & identity in the marketplace?

 12 Years experience in the IT industry servicing and building computers, that’s how!

We’ve serviced thousands of different computers & seen the inherent weaknesses in most of them. These insights with experience paved the way for us to build great desktop computers.

Trust us, after servicing thousands of computers and building endless desktops, we know what it takes to build outstanding PC’s.

Do you expect your BIG BOX retailer computer to last two years or less?

Have you ever been confused when a computer with great specs just didn’t perform reliably?

Do you sometimes wonder which computers the experts actually use for themselves?

Learn how to avoid buying a lemon and how to navigate the IT industry maze.

Here’s how things go….

Seduced by low prices & great sounding specs, Joe Public can’t discern a reliable computer from an “eye-candy-lemon.” That’s a computer that looks sexy, has seemingly great specs but has bottom-of-the-barrel components, promising you all kinds of disappointment down the road. Of course, specs sound great but that’s all they are especially when components are inferior.

Every Geek knows….


It’s how standards are measured in our industry, and only knowledge & experience can ascertain the quality of a computer on a store shelf.

The public seems conditioned to accept specs as the standard and have come to expect a shorter lifespan for their computers, believing that to have a great computer, a new one every two years or less is the norm. They are trained to EXPECT computers to be replaced every +-2 years.

Yet, they’ll also buy the same low standard again & again due to a lack of knowledge.

In technology, KNOWLEDGE is IMPERATIVE when making decisions.

DESKTOPS: clients enjoy reliable, stable, high-performance, custom-built computers with components chosen according to component integrity.


We source laptops for our clients by evaluating the components in currently available laptops to assure superior quality. We also have access to boutique-grade products which only businesses like ours have access to. This allows us to only select the best of the best for you, our highly-valued client.

Our desktops outlive and outperform most branded products.

This is how, a small company, has carved its own niche & identity in the market place.

Our 12-year-old service lab has taught us again and again what not to do or select when building great computers or selecting laptops!

Here’s what you WILL get from us:

  • Parts you can trust
  • SSD/Solid state hard drives build to last (no moving parts, run cooler)
  • Reliable file storing
  • Kingston memory with build in heat sync cooling (the best you can get)
  • 7200RPM SATA III hard drives (faster if requested)
  • LG DVD/CD Writers
  • Genuine Intel processors
  • Gigabyte, MSI and ASUS motherboards
  • Premium power supplies with larger silent cooling fans
  • Our computers are fully upgradable (many computers out there are NOT)
  • We only sell components that we would use ourselves
  • FREE! Our machines enjoy “Free yearly in-shop dusting”

Purchase a computer in the lower mainland and arrange for one of our proficient on-site techs to deliver your new computer to your home.

Your onsite tech can deliver your machine, hook you up to your wi-fi, and set up and transfer your data without losing any valuable data. (Fees apply.)

Our fees are competitive ($88.00 per hour) and people love this service. Not only that, ask your onsite tech to open the case and learn why people love us. You deserve to feel really good about the computer you have just invested in.

This is what we see daily in computers on our service workbenches:

  • Cheap, slow, bottom-of-the-barrel motherboards
  • Basically bargain-basement parts
  • Old chipsets on new motherboards (your computer will never run optimally for this no matter how swanky it sounds)
  • Capacitors on motherboards that swell and explode
  • Small ineffectual fans—insufficient cooling can result in overheating and unreliability problems
  • Low wattage power supplies—they do not last long and die very easily when power surges
  • Slow Memory
  • Not easily upgradable limited propriety parts
  • Pre-loaded bloatware (programs that you don’t need installed on your computer that only bog it down right from the start)

Most warranty work is done in our service department. You need not ship your computer off and wait for weeks to have it returned with your hard drive wiped clean. Besides, our computers come with great warranties! What you pay for in warranties at the big box stores you do not need with us as most components have 2- to 3-year warranties right out of the box.

We are Owner Operated and we are available to assist you anytime from Monday to Saturday.

Call us; we’ll get things working for you.

604 943-8318